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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 28, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> wow, that looks so nice. >> that looks beautiful. nice and warm and the sun shining. great day here, happy wednesday, everybody. >> we get to see you guys on the five. >> see you then. >> fox news alert. title 42 remains in place stopping a flood of migrants from crossing the board are and into the country for now. good morning, i'm rich edson in for bill hemmer. >> julie: i'm julie banderas in for dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." you're in person. you are real. >> rich: i am. >> julie: we don't get to meet when we're in different bureaus. i enjoy being in person.
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in a 5-4 vote the supreme court blocked the biden administration from repealing the trump-era policy letting border agents turn away migrants over health concerns. the high court will hear oral arguments in february. >> rich: president biden has no plan to secure the border. images of large groups of migrants crossing into the country illegally every single day. leaders there are getting frustrated with the lack of action from washington. >> we're asking the biden administration to come down here, visit our border, talk to our border patrol agents, and to the cities around here. we're talking 10, 12,000 people crossing our borders at one time. they have not put any policy nor any plan in place. >> rich: big numbers. three days border patrol encountered nearly 15,000 migrants, plus 500 pounds of
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marijuana, one gang member, one murder suspect and the list goes on. >> julie: we're covering the crisis from every angle. council president brandon judd joins us in a moment but first matt finn on the ground in eagle pass, texas, one of the flash points of the border crisis. good morning, matt. >> good morning. yesterday the day that the supreme court blocked the biden administration's plan to end title 42 we stood right here on the southern border in eagle pass, texas and our crews saw five different groups arrive into the united states totaling hundreds of illegal migrants or asylum seekers on a single day. the white house says it will comply with title 42 but it says it's a public health measure that should not be extended indefinitely. here is texas republican congressman tony gonzalez reacting. >> i expect more of the same from the white house. unless they change their policy decision making you'll see title 42 continue to get punted.
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representing 42% of the southern border the communities along the border, we got a win tonight and we're grateful even if it's a band-aid. we'll take it at this point. >> here at the border the human smuggling and illegal migration continues. texas dps reports it has found 18 illegal immigrants inside an 18-wheeler on u.s. route 77 in texas. that driver was arrested for human smuggling. also yet another life-threatening high-speed chase. a driver from houston was smuggling four illegal immigrants who ran out of the car, jumped a ranch fence. that driver was arrested. the life-threatening chases, high-speed pursuits are something we see almost daily at the southern border. julie and rich. >> julie: thank you. >> rich: let's bring in brandon judd the president of the national council of border patrol. thank you for joining us this morning.
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how significant is this ruling? the situation is pretty bad already. it continues that for a few months. >> like congressman gonzalez said i'm grateful we're able to keep title 42 in place. the border is already broken and biden can skirt around the title 42 supreme court decision. all he has to do is give more carve-outs to individuals. when you look at what we're doing, we're only expelling a third of the people that cross our borders under title 42 as it is. the reason we're only doing that biden has given too many carve outs to too many different countries and why the border is broken. if he would keep title 42 in place as it was intended where we were expelling 95 to 99% of the people, people wouldn't cross the borders illegally. people stop putting themselves in the hands of these dangerous criminal cartels. the vulnerable women and children would not be drowning in the rivers, dying in the des erodes of arizona or being
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abused by smugglers. it is inhumanity and the biden administration doesn't care what's going on in the border today. >> rich: there are countries like cuba, columbia, russia that won't except the migrants back. how does the white house deal with that? >> it's a challenge. we can always go and find other countries that will take these people back. we have third country agreements with many countries around the world. there is a possibility. the problem is he is not working with his counterpart president of other countries to try to find a solution. he just continues to allow this crisis to continue because he knows it is not hurting him. when you look at the last polls that have come out, very few americans know what is actually happening on our border because the mainstream media is always covering for this white house. >> rich: the white house
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reacting to this last night came out with a statement. the president a couple hours after the supreme court ruling spoke on the lawn of the white house. here is what the president had to say. >> president biden: the border is not going to be decided -- we have to enforce it. but i think it's overdue. >> the white house said it was advancing its preparations for the end of title 42. how much have they prepared for this? >> i can personally tell you that they have done absolutely nothing. there are no new programs, operations or plans in place. no new programs, operations or plans even forthcoming. if they were they could implement them right now. we could stop the border crisis right now. president trump proved that and we can go back and do it again. unfortunately, again, this administration plays to its base. it panders to that open border crowd that they know will get out and support this president.
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that's why they are doing what they're dochlth it is all about politics. it is bad governance, not about the safety and security of the american people. >> rich: title 42, title eight. title 42 is in effect right now. when it goes away the administration says it will use title eight. what is that and why does it make it more difficult for border agents? >> title eight does absolutely nothing. what it does, it allows us to put people in deportation proceedings. if the people challenge the proceedings or claim asylum they will be released into the united states. and that's what is the magnet drawing so many people across the borders illegally is the ruling. if we held people in place or reimplemented remain in mexico, we would see illegal border crossings drop to 45-year lows. when they drop we can go after the cartels and able to go after the profits and all of the dangerous things that cross our border illegally. title eight is broken, borders are broken.
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biden needs to get -- put proper policies and programs in place. >> rich: brandon judd, head of the border patrol council union. thank you for joining us this morning. >> it was good to be with you. thank you. >> julie: more than 30 people are dead in western new york and many more could still be trapped from the historic blizzard blanketing buffalo in nearly six feet of snow. it is the most deadly storm they've seen in four decades. officials fear the casualties could go fatal. buffalo usually sees 95 inches of snow at the end of winter. they've already seen 101 inches. fox weather correspondent maxx gordon is braving the cold in buffalo. at least it stopped snowing. >> yes, absolutely. this storm is being called once in a generation. after days of bitter cold
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whipping winds, feet of snow, finally we're starting to see a little bit of reprieve and starting to see blue skies in buffalo and temperatures are beginning to warm up a little bit. it will get above freezing today, into the 40s. welcome news for folks cleaning up today. there is more danger on the way. rain is possible this weekend and that will start melting off a lot of the snow and some minor flooding is possible. just another challenge for a city that has experienced so much heartbreak as you mentioned there. more than 30 dead here in the county. people have been found in snowbanks, in vehicles, some cases first responders were not able to get to people having medical emergencies because the roads were too bad. tens of thousands of people were without power during the height of this storm due to the high winds. lots of people spending christmas in the dark and in the cold. luckily over 7,000 utility workers are on the streets trying to get the power back on. less than 1,000 customers in
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erie county were without power. good news right there. there have been bad actors out there taking advantage of this disaster to loot. people stealing liquor, electronics, things you don't need for survival. buffalo p.d. established a looting task force in the wake of these crimes and they say they have arrested eight people in connection with looting. buffalo's mayor on the looters. >> people who are out looting when people are losing their lives in this harsh winter storm, it's absolutely reprehensible. i don't know how these people can even live with themselves, how they can look at themselves in the mirror. they are the lowest of the low. >> driving ban is still in place here in downtown buffalo. supermarkets have reopened in
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some areas and at 11:00 a.m. niagara international airport should reopen as well. >> julie: thank you so much. this is such a devastating storm for buffalo and really for a large swath of the country. where is our president in all of this? he is enjoying much different weather. >> rich: the president last year decided to keep it local and stay in delaware. very different in buffalo, new york. >> julie: check out the "new york post" headline reading biden heads to st. croix as winter blast kills dozens, cancels 10,000 flights. president biden left the white house for a tropical vacation in ring in the new year in st. croix as much of the country deals with extreme cold and snowfall that canceled 10,000 flights and killed over 60 people since christmas eve. fortunately for the president he doesn't fly commercial or he
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wouldn't have made it to st. croix. so many people were left stranded and couldn't make it home for christmas and the president is enjoying a villa on the winter, three bedrooms facing the water. i wouldn't mind that vacation. if my duty is to the american people i would rough it with them. >> rich: the optics of presidential vacation and golfing going on for a long time and it continues. talk about this. another messy year for painfully high gas prices. analysts are warning they could soar higher in 2023. >> julie: air travel might be more stressful. thousands more flights canceled today keeping travelers trapped inside airports and away from their families. will officials hold the airlines accountable? >> i only had the weekend off. i was flying to my son's in savannah to see them for christmas and my grandson. it was delayed, delayed, delayed, delayed. they didn't cancel it until
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>> rich: george santos called out for so-called biography lies. republican who flipped a hotly contested house seat faces tough questions for fabricating his resume on tucker carlson last night. >> i made a mistake. humans are flawed and we all makes mistakes. i think we can all look at ourselves in the mirror and once in our life we made a mistake. i have to admit it on national television. i'm not a fraud or fake or didn't materialize from air. i worked damn hard to get where i got my entire life.
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>> rich: he claimed he graduated from a manhattan college, connection to judaism and work in the financial sector. >> we saw the gas prices go down 25 consecutive days and $0.25. >> we expect gas prices to decline further. >> president biden: gas prices are down more than a dollar. >> gas prices are down over a dollar. >> a durable trend. >> we have seen the price continue to drop another $0.05. >> president biden: we're down more than $0.27 a gallon in wisconsin this past week, $0.27 in oregon. >> julie: that was president biden promising gas prices would come down after a year of record highs. analysts are saying it is not the end of the road just yet for pain at the pump. gas buddy predicts prices could
6:20 am
spike to more than $4 a gallon by may. let's bring in phil flynn price futures group senior analyst and fox business contributor. thank you for talking to us. this is deja vu all over again. a disastrous year for oil and gas. just when biden vowed to americans that we would start to see some relief, analysts are saying prices are set to spike again as early as may up to $4. >> president biden, he is running out of smoke and mirrors, right? there is no doubt the price of gasoline came down from record breaking high in both gasoline and diesel, part of it was because president biden released oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. what will you do in the future? you played that card already. the oil reserve is now drawn down about as far as you can possibly do it. so now prices will come back to reality. here in the u.s. because of
6:21 am
biden policies we've shut down refineries and made it harder to produce oil. that means those prices are probably heading back up to $4 a gallon. >> julie: domestic oil. what about energy independence? does the president not consider these things or continue to blame putin? >> he have will continue to blame putin. i don't think he wants to be the world's leader in oil and gas. he wants to be the world's leader in alternative energy. the problem is it's not ready for prime time and we can't put it in our gas tank right nouchlt you can talk all you want about electric cars. look at the cost of electricity and what happened during this cold snap when we had rolling blackout risks and the possibility of supplies going out. then you try charge your car when it's below 0 you won't get that big boost in energy right away. so there is a lot of problems with president biden and his short-sighted energy poll cismd while he continues to blame the
6:22 am
oil companies and more profiteering. he created a lot of the problems americans will face when the prowlss st -- prices start goin up at the pump. >> julie: look at the prices now versus when he took office. now 3:13. do you remember the days when we paid around $2 and change for gas? how did we get here and honestly what does the biden administration need to do to go back when the prices were affordable? >> i think we sent a message to oil and gas investors around the world that the united states is closed for business, right? we put on new regulations, canceled pipelines, put on drilling moratmoratoriums on fe land and sue oil companies because we don't like what they've done to the environment. the reality is they made it a very toxic environment to invest
6:23 am
in u.s. oil and gas. that money is going elsewhere. this is actively -- they didn't try to hide this. you had the treasury secretary janet yellen tell the international climate committee and investors to not invest in fossil fuels anymore. that's at a cost. because of that lack of investment, we're probably going to face new era of higher gasoline prices and a new era of tightness of supply. >> julie: hunter biden was once an energy expert. maybe he should turn to his son. he was once an energy expert in ukraine. some of that -- american energy independence would undermine putin. isn't that the whole idea to under mine putin rather than sit and watch the american people suffer with not only inflation but these gas prices that will be hiking back up? it doesn't seem like they are needing this with any kind of
6:24 am
strength and solution. >> i think you're right. whatever they paid hunter biden they're getting it back in spades with dollars of taxpayer money going to ukraine right nouchlt it is interesting. we're spending more money to secure the ukraine's energy infrastructure than we are here at home when it comes to federal tax dollars. when you look at this, this is really a war that is happening in ukraine and pressure around the world was created in part by bad energy poll cismd -- policy admitted that they were too quick to get off fossil fuels and they're paying the price in germany and the environment is paying the price. when they try to replace the failing wind and solar projects they're burning more coal and dirty oil having a negative impact on the environment. sometimes the road to hades is paved with good intentions and that's what we're seeing when it
6:25 am
comes to the global energy space. >> julie: thank you very much. appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> rich: cities across the country are border cities as the crisis creeps north. how one city, more than 600 miles from mexico, is handling this influx of migrants. gender, age, political experience, what qualities to americans want to see in the perfect u.s. president? the results are in and what it means for the field of candidates in 2024. can help your business get a payroll tax refund, even if you got ppp and it only takes eight minutes to qualify. i went on their website, uploaded everything, and i was blown away by what they could do. has helped businesses get over a billion dollars and we can help your business too. qualify your business for a big refund in eight minutes. go to to get started. powered by innovation refunds.
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>> julie: transportation secretary pete buttigieg and several senators are pledging investigations into southwest airlines after thousands of flight cancellations and delays during christmas. the worst. leaving frustrated passengers stranded at airports across the country. >> meltdown is the right word. this is an unacceptable situation. i made clear our department will
6:31 am
hold them accountability for their responsibilities to customers both to get them through this situation and to make sure this can't happen again. >> julie: while southwest was the worst, it was not the only carrier experiencing a massive meltdown this week. thousands more flights are canceled or delayed still today. what a mess. >> rich: the title 42 border policy will remain in place for now. lawmakers are demanding the white house should have a plan in place to secure the southern border by the time the supreme court decision comes next. aishah hosni is live in washington. aishah. >> good morning. that's what democratic senator joe manchin reiterated to us last night when we asked him what they thought of title 42 staying for now. also texas democratic representative henry cuellar tweeted this. he said what's happening at our southern border is a humanitarian crisis.
6:32 am
my colleagues senator joe manchin, john cornyn and representative tony gonzalez and i are committed to delivering bipartisan solutions to address this situation. but rich, some might say democrats like manchin and cuellar and the 27 republicans who just signed off on a $1.7 trillion omnibus bill should maybe perhaps look in the mirror. the massive budget bill only includes $60 billion for dhs, which is a $3 billion upgrade from last year. isn't keeping up with inflation. of that chump change our health team found only 60 million will go towards hiring 125cbp officers. 70 million on vehicle inspection systems but $8 hundred million is going to the fema shelter and services program for migrants. a $650 million jump from physical year 2022. >> nearly half a billion dollars for securing the border in
6:33 am
countries like egypt and jordan and nothing for our border. nancy pelosi and the democrats solution, increase border patrol agents by 1%. it is absurd. a gross dereliction of duty. >> how republicans are angry about this budget but the white house is blaming republicans in congress for not passing immigration reform when by the way, democrats controlled both chambers for two years. rich. >> rich: aishah hosni in d.c. >> julie: the ongoing border crisis is creeping to northern states. bus loads of migrants are shipped from the southern border strange resources in denver where we find madison all worth this morning. good morning, madison. >> good morning. denver over 600 miles from mexico and they're now facing a migrant crisis. the city has already declared a state of emergency and fear
6:34 am
things will get much worse if they don't get outside help. from the beginning of the month, 2400 migrants have made their way to the city. denver has spent nearly $3 million to help accommodate the influx. the majority of those migrants are coming via bus to denver and has forced the city to open three emergency shelters to handle those growing numbers. roughly 160 migrants are arriving every day with no sign of it slowing down. the mayor told us his city has done everything it possibly can and now needs the federal government's help. >> it is time for you to act. we have six months now to show leadership and take responsibility. the cities are bearing aburden because of politics in washington. nothing the american people should do to let congress off the hook. the shot clock has started.
6:35 am
>> complicating matters is title 42. the mayor tells us now there appears to be a hold on the decision he is expecting the administration to reach out quickly with a near-term solution to this very pressing problem. he says the state of colorado and the federal government should be able to open their own shelters just like his city has. in the meantime the mayor also tells us that any migrants that come here that want toggles where the city is working to get them out. the problem is just like with the airlines, bad weather has made it impossible on certain days for those buses to roll, julie. >> julie: thank you. >> rich: how is this for a job posting? wanted, 51-65-year-old with business and military experience able to cut a deal. that's what americans say they want in a president according to a new usa today and sufficient jock university poll as president biden weighs a 2024
6:36 am
re-election bid. let's bring in fox news contributor josh. this poll doesn't seem to take into account primary for-- vote? >> there is a disconnect between what republican and democratic primary voters want and the independents who basically decide elections. so the notion of having a person who cuts deals, a business person. that is very popular among the moderate swing voters that decide elections. conservative republicans want someone who will fight with the liberals in congress and progressives want someone who will pick fights with conservatives. so that is the nature of our politics going into the new year. we're in a very polarized country even though there is a critical mass of voters in the middle who wants someone to compromise. >> rich: do you wthink we'll se.
6:37 am
will they try to sell themselves as a more centrist party to american voters or play to the base over the next couple of years? >> good luck with bipartisanship given the makeup of the new congress. we have a republican house possibly led by kevin mccarthy. but republicans are having their own fights in leadership between more conservative members and more pragmatic members and president biden preparing for a re-election bid in a very narrow democratic senate majority. i think you'll see in the new year a whole lot of fights between the house and senate. fights within the party. fights within the republican party who will be the new speaker of the house, whether kevin mccarthy can get the votes and fights between the progressive lawmakers in the house minority versus moderate democrats who won close elections in the last mid-term.
6:38 am
>> rich: you've done predictions. your crystal ball for next year. you say florida governor ron desantis will announce his run for president in the summer and takes a lead in the polls. representative-elect george santos will not remain in congress through 2023. i want to start with governor desantis and the whole republican field. is this at the point now where it makes no sense for anyone to jump in right now with the former president donald trump, the only one in the race officially? >> that's right. i expect most republicans especially the leading contenders for the presidency to take their time to run. look, governor desantis has governing to do. he has a big legislative session that starts in march and ends in may of 2023. if desantis does get in, my prediction he is preparing for a
6:39 am
possible presidential campaign. but he has the luxury of time. he doesn't want to pick fights with donald trump and go back and forth with the former president. he wants to govern, show he can lead in one of the most important and populous states in the country and use that as a platform for potentially running for president. >> rich: as for the number two george santos won't remain in congress through 2023. we've had several examples of politicians taking scandals that otherwise would have caused them or forced them to resign shrug it off and serve their terms. why do you think santos is out next year? >> the biggest reason may be that republicans and local leaders, republican lieaders ar raising questions about who this guy really is. i thought tulsi gabbard's inte interview with him poked more holes into this guy's story.
6:40 am
one thing to exaggerate or even tell a white lie or two. politicians do that. but this guy's whole life story, his whole professional background seems to be made up. so i don't know if voters have a lot of patience for that and i think santos may last for a little bit but i wouldn't be surprised to see a new congressman in long island by the end of the year. >> rich: you only get it here. thanks, josh. >> thanks. >> julie: the house has ordered the removal of the tiktok app from all the devices immediately. could a more widespread ban be on the way? senator tom cotton says woke political goals are getting in the way of military recruitment. former army intelligence officer jeremy hunt on that next.
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is >> julie: president biden's defense spending package will end the vaccine requirement for the military but doesn't protect the 8,000 troops discharged over the mandate. let's bring in jeremy hunt, a former army intelligence officer. first of all, the fact that 8,000 u.s. troops were basically given an ultimatum get the vaccine or get out was a disgrace for the u.s. military and such a weak nation that we're not supporting our troops. what happens to them now that were forced to get out of the military? any repercussion? >> a lot of republicans on the hill are saying we need to bring
6:47 am
the soldiers back and give them back pay for the time they haven't been able to serve because of absurd mandate that came down. what happened, you have a lot of soldiers who served for years, many being deployed overseas and the biden administration saying i don't care about all you've done. you are kicked out of the military. either accept the vaccine you don't want in your body or be kicked out of the military. it is throwing away all the years we invested in them and training and everything. it is absolutely absurd and so foolish. par for the course with the biden administration. >> rich: this is at a time when you have military recruiting at significant lows. you look at so many of the headlines here. the navy will accept recruits with the lowest test scores as recruiting goal grows.
6:48 am
what plays into all of this? it is part the military but also the country? what was it that made you want to sign up and is that missing from people of the younger generation? >> absolutely. first look at the army alone right now. we're 15,000 soldiers short of the recruitment goal for last year. you need to put that in perspective. we talked about the -- the entire third infantry division short in our military. next year we're on path to be 30,000 soldiers short. this is a major crisis. the worst since vietnam with a all-volunteer force. parents are saying two years ago they would have said serve our country. now when you look at the poll it particular is and woke mandates
6:49 am
coming down a lot of parents i don't want to send my kids to a military that i don't recognize anymore. a lot of motivations are springing up to fight that. i'm with an organization saying vets on duty. we have to step up to make sure we have a military that can fight and defend the constitution of the united states and also stick up forare the soldiers willing to make a difference and serve their country. >> julie: senator cotton urges military to return to core values. this is on and i want to put this up on the screen quick. the headline is what biden's woke military has wrought. it says social experimentation in the military has life and death consequences by placing political goals ahead of troops' training standard. pentagon bureaucrats are risking soldiers' very lives. by removing 8,000 soldiers, they are risking the lives of those that did get vaccinated.
6:50 am
there are fewer men and women. 8,000 short. we're 15,000 short. we could not afford to lose not one soldier overseas and we took them away. what are we doing to get them back? i don't see the administration doing anything. we have recruitment numbers at a low and why cops are either retiring or getting out because there is no payback. no incentive from this administration for men and women in law enforcement and military to serve this country. >> morale is at an all-time low. we have a lot of people saying i would have love to serve my country. i want to make a difference but not part of an organization that is now going to start selecting people for promotion based off skin color. i want to be part of an organization that's about your merit and what you do and working together as a team. that's what made the military strong. what commander-in-chief looks at the military and say i'll kick out 8,000 soldiers because you don't want to put vaccine in your body in the middle of a
6:51 am
major recruitment problem. i hope you tell your kids and tell them there is so much value in serving your country. make a difference. go to the recruitment station and let's talk about it so we can get our military back. >> julie: thank you so much. so well said. i hope you inspire a lot of young people that don't get discouraged by what has happened. thank you. >> rich: sam bankman-fried already appears to be turning the downfall with his crypto currency exchange into a blockbuster hit with the help from michael lewis. the two met last week while he serves house arrest at his parents' home. reports say they have connected for nearly six months long before financial problems surfaced. bankman-fried was released on $250 million bail last week. faces federal fraud and money laundering charges.
6:52 am
>> julie: the man accused of -- a live report from san francisco coming up. plus a new study highlights the unseen learning costs of covid-19. why a stanford economist forcasts a whopping $28 trillion u.s. total loss. secretary bill bennett with live reaction next hour. helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. dad and i finally had that talk.
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>> julie: preparations for new year's eve are underway in times square. more than 2600 waterford crystals are added to the famous ball. 12-foot ball weighs six tons and display more than 16 million colors. no covid restrictions in times scare. that's a good thing. does it come with bathrooms?
6:58 am
people have to stand out there for hours and i don't know what they do. >> rich: the same reasons why you don't go. >> julie: that and i don't like being around crowds of people. >> rich: as the year comes to a close we take a look at some of the most memorable moments in 2022. garrett tenney with that story. >> from defying heights to defying the odds. 2022 brought us some jaw dropping moments and cameras captured them all. like this real life spiderman who stopped new yorkers in their tracks when he scaled the city skyline. in italy a man passed the time during his nine-hour brain surgery by playing the saxophone. also going viral after spending time with a young autistic fan on his 21st birthday.
6:59 am
while in a galaxy far away the james webb space telescope had these images of space and millions of millions from earth cameras caught the moment as a dark spacecraft shifted the path of a harmless asteroid. animals taking a wrong turn were caught inside school bathrooms, cars and swimming pools. >> i knew there were bears around here. but not in the backyard. >> this owner had a scary encounter when he found on 11-foot gator on the driveway. porch pirates hoping for a quick getaway couldn't escape hidden cameras as they stole everything from decorations to baby formula. even mother nature wasn't immune. cameras captured her stirring up powerful waves on the coast and dusty winds in the desert.
7:00 am
road rage got a best of these folks caught chasing and spraying bear spray. or like these police officers who saved a family from rushing water. this military mom who reunited with her kids after more than a year overseas. no matter what the new year brings, one thing is for sure, technology evolves, even more buzz worthy moments will be captured. in chicago, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. >> julie: biden administration slamming southwest airlines calling the carriers nation width meltdown unexcept -- unacceptable. i'm julie banderas


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